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Saturday, 10 November 2018

Two ways

Gokula Anand english masterpieces

gokula's shakespeare style language and observation

End battle has begun ... with few mountain (pawn) barriers, what can their hopping knights do against our long range bishops ...

Gokula Anand chess observations

There are two ways to play a chess game.....
Adopt a lazy and sluggish attitude, make the game more and more simple and reach draw position
Not be bothered about the result, make the game more and more complex, run the mind at full throttle and thrill
YEAR 2019

There are two ways to create chess players
Apply too much of effort, pressure, eliminate self interest, create excess satisfaction of chess work, make player addicted, create an ambitious "ego" drive that derives satisfaction from fame in tournaments, newspapers, television, internet, keep the ego drive above the level of his/her subconscious hatred of chess, keep the player progressing for finite/infinite period of time. In short, manufacture player like an automobile in a factory.
Apply "zero or mild" pressure, allow the player to develop love and passion for chess, move along with player at his/her own chess speed, keep self interest alive and make player grow as plant into a giant tree in a forest. Players created in this manner have faces like 'blossomed' flowers
Majority of chess players belong to ego drive type not of self interest propulsion. They are not like scientists who work energetically for 16 hours every day. Theirs is "compelled drive"

YEAR 2019
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page 26. chess engine failures

recent additions page 012. Garry Kasparov is Great even after retirement.. heading..54 year old kasparov plays bullet type in Blitz chess at St Louis Rapid Blitz 2017
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Somebody runs faster than you
Do not be jealous of him / her
If you become jealous, you will feel the devil within you
If you consider him/her a hero, you can feel the "hero" within you

The origin of the above write. How it happened
[a 42 year old man running at 16kmph on treadmill non stop for over 60 seconds with will to increase time to 90 seconds and more in future ..... was "sent away" by younger generation on Dec 4, 2017 in a gym at saravanampatti, coimbatore, tamil nadu]

YEAR 2019

Sunday, 19 June 2016


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Friday, 21 November 2014

Analysis of Extra Terrestrial Intelligence

God created Humans
Humans have made God - a nothing
They dont follow the ways of God - the simple life of birds and gold fishes
They choose to be on their own
Man will create Robot
The robot will develop its own ways
It will make man - a nobody
What humans did to God (the creator), the robots will do to man (the creator)
If God has not put the materials below the surface of the Earth billions of years ago, man will not be able to make metals etc and the robots ...
The Creator will always be omnipotent
The above of the surface of the Earth is because of the below of the surface of the Earth.
Without the below, the above cannot be constructed.
All of the scientists work for their lifetime regarding the below of the Earth for the purpose of constructing the above of the Earth. The cement and iron used for the construction of buildings are taken from the below. All materials used by humans are taken from the below of Earth.
What has put those materials, well in advance, below the surface of the Earth and has made it to revolve in an orbit around the Sun.
The human mind thinks in lengths of days, weeks and months.
Something " above and beyond " thinks in lengths of millions of years.

Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Chess Classes at Coimbatore

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Children image attribution : "http://www.freepik.com"
Earth maps - images attribution : http://earthobservatory.nasa.gov 
Human skull and bones on the side -  image attribution. Jolly Roger Grunge flag. Nicolas Raymond. http://www.freestock.ca.  Creative Commons License
Gokula Anand.  The Controller
New additions to existing web pages:  
014. Schools are graveyards for intelligence.
        headings: a) You will like the hell if you are -----
        b) School does not create compassion, emotions or feelings.
013. BUDDHISM - the very useful religion.
         headings:  a) The sinking has already begun
                          b) Stop bad people before they become
                          c) Cockroaches on Earth for over 350 million years
006. Sessa, the indian inventor of chess who made a great king bewildered
         headings: a) Simple direct calculation
                         b) How the king could have handled the situation

New pages created:      1. END OF YEAR ONE
                 new heading: Number of ICBMs and missile range all over the world as per public news media.

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Indian pageviews are not natural. For the past few years, this blogspot was not listed in google search engine when one typed "chess classes at coimbatore". This could be because of certain cheap,disgusting, incorrigible,satanic individuals in Tamil Nadu who do not want this blogspot to be visible. Utterly useless websites that contain a single line are listed in google search but not this blogspot that has over 25 pages content. I had created a link "chess classes in coimbatore" in my another blogspot https://gokecontinentalexports.blogspot.com/ and kept clicking the link everyday in a hope that this blogspot will again get detected and be listed in google search "chess classes at coimbatore" That is how the Indian pageviews increase sometimes. Even if 1000 indians read this blogspot, there would not be a single currency note advantage for me. The only outcome would be jealousy, hatred, retaliation of damaged ego,unethical,cheap,disgusting attacks. I have not disclosed the existence of my blogspots to individuals where i reside or at school. Why create unnecessary problems in life. Such is the condition of me. The Indian societies like all other societies in the world is diseased. Mind diseases: Ego, jealousy, hatred, I am higher than you. You reduce and fit inside my ego or face consequences. They killed Jesus Christ, Socrates, Bruce Lee, Osho and many others. They will kill you also. Better keep quiet with your knowledge and experience .. brother.
I am a beginner level blogger who only use my limited knowledge in maintaining this blogspot. I do not know complex google phenomenons. For example, the money making websites and other websites are listed in first page. They only give list of chess clubs and nothing more. They contain 2 or 3 page listings only. Always they will occupy first page. On what basis, they are allotted first page just for 2 or 3 page listings. If you write 1000 pages in a blogspot, it wont even be listed in first 10 page search results. What type of allotment is this?? How the just 2 pages websites manage to occupy top slots in google search engine - i don't know.

November 29 - December 28, 2018. Germany 100 pageviews

For over a week, i did not click links. The indian traffic was natural. This was the amount of pageviews in India. Just 1. (see image below) I am sure that there are no returning visitors in india for this blogspot. In America, if a donkey would walk on a stage and start talking, all will listen to it. Whether it makes sense. If it talks wise, the next day the newspapers will contain headline " The donkey that talks much better than American counsellors" "Shame on us, the human beings". Or if the donkey's speech cannot be understood, the US military would take possession of it. A donkey walking up to a stage and talking with so many human people around is weird. It is something. They would summon a sound analyst team, spend millions of dollars and find out what it exactly wants to convey. May be it became a medium for cosmic mind to communicate with humans. They will start downloading from cosmic mind. Now they are super power country. They will become omnipotent country just because of a donkey. It was the Americans who made Osho so popular in the world. Osho choose America because he knew the temperament of people over there.

I do not know what exactly is happening to Russia Today news.Once I heard in RT television that requested viewers not to search for RT news in google as it has de-ranked it, just type RT.com. May be, i must do the same. I am certain that google would not have de ranked this small profile blogspot. Amongst several thousands of blogspots, mine is one. If you are an expert in google search engine "know how" or a hacker, please put my blogspot on google page 1 in search engine result for "chess classes in coimbatore". Hello brother, from 13 students in year 2014 (a new car DATSUN GO on loan), mine has come to zero student to the extent i moved to my hometown "Salem" and working in a school (only thursday - chess classes - whole day) good enough for my basic necessities. Probably, a russian hacker will put my blogspot on google first priority which even the "automated" google search engine will do anything about it. I give my word that i will give some of my earnings to you .. ok. I have tons of info that can make you a peaceful buddha....... agreed.


There it goes off again ...
Germany 75 page views monthly .. Feb 12 - Mar 13. India always less than 10, if gokula does not click pages in India to put a new post, edit, check for correctness and appearance








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